Why you Need to Insure Your Home Business

Why you Need to Insure Your Home Business

Home businesses have become a booming trend, and more people are using their homes to operate made-to-order types of enterprises such as online shops. Most of these entrepreneurs are using their garages and basements as warehouses for their products.

Cameo Insurance has a very comprehensive home insurance package that insures your belongings along with your home building against a variety of incidents. However, if you run a home business, it might not be comprehensively covered through the home insurance package.

There are many occurrences where your homeowner’s insurance will cover your personal home property, but the items used for your home business are omitted. For instance, in the case of a fire, your homeowners cover only guarantees indemnification for your home property and not the business inventory and equipment.

The Cameo Insurance homeowner’s policy also provides liability protection against various accidental incidences that might occur in your house. For instance, if one of your guests was to fall and sustain an injury due to their heel getting stuck in a crack on your floor, the guest might deem you financially liable. The home insurance policy protects you against such liability. In contrast, if a customer who has come to pick up a product sustains an injury in your house from any of your business equipment, the homeowner’s policy does not cover this liability. A tailored business owner’s policy will cover such liability.

Taking out a home based business insurance coverage also has additional benefits that will make you worry less and concentrate on your business. The policy covers your business materials against fire and theft as per the policy’s limit. Further, the policy will also cover you, the business owner, when you are on your business premises or out in the field on business related errands.

Running a home business can be hectic due to the combined responsibility that comes with being at home and doing business at the same time. Having a business owner’s policy will help ease some of the stress by knowing that you won’t lose your business to some of these common incidences.

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