Wonderful Senior Home Improvement Tips

Wonderful Senior Home Improvement Tips

We are faced with an aging society so home improvement becomes paramount. Even just minor modifications and improvements increase comfort in senior homes. Their independence is higher and life quality is automatically increased.

Keep in mind that around 33% of the entire senior population now lives alone. One in three of those that live alone has at least one bad fall every single year. This is why senior home improvement changes are necessary. While in some cases it is important to visit site and talk with lawyers since personal injuries appeared because of someone else, with home improvement even those can be avoided.

Some seniors are fit and do not need much help. However, even them can find it that there are activities that are burdensome or there are movements that are causing discomfort. The good news is that it is not at all difficult to make some great modifications. We are going to highlight some senior living improvements that are simple and that can be considered right now.

Bathroom Senior Home Improvements

  • Most bathroom falls when getting out of or in the bathtub. This is why you want to install non-skid latex mats and handles on the outside and inside of the bathtub.
  • An elevated toilet can help seniors that find it really hard to bend, squat, stand or sit. Grab bars can be anchored straight to the wall or alternatively, to the floor.
  • Most burns can be prevented by setting water heater thermostat at 120 degrees or lower.
  • Store all the first aid supplies and toiletries at a waist level so bending, stretching and stooping are limited.
  • Consider installing walk-in shower units and tub seats.

Kitchen Senior Home Improvements

  • Raise dishwasher to avoid bending when unloading and loading.
  • Replace the higher cabinets with low drawers and shelves. The often used items have to be kept handy.
  • Utilize multi-level counter heights that have open space under them. This allows sitting.
  • Install lowered wall ovens for increased comfort when using. Countertop ranges are useful. Think about ease of use in practically everything added.
  • Add flat surfaces around stoves since they are much easier to clean. Heavy pots can also be moved through sliding instead of having to lift.

Senior Home Improvements For Other Rooms

  • Replace the faucets and doorknobs with useful lever handles.
  • Build a walk-in closet that has multiple accessible heights.
  • Using no step threshold will decrease falls.
  • Rocker light switches are recommended as they are much easier to use.
  • Always be sure there is enough movement room available between walls and furniture.

Statistics show that around 70 percent of seniors made a minimum of one home modification. Half of them think that senior home improvements are going to allow them to stay inside their homes for an extra ten more years.

The senior home improvement tips that were mentioned above can increase the efficiency of a home. Not many improvements are necessary to make the life of a senior more enjoyable. Just do those that are the most effective for the home owner.

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